High Performance Concrete Coating  

Angies List Super Service 2016-2017-2018


We are a growing endeavor with a simple, specific mission. Make friends and a fair profit! We believe the best way to accomplish that task is to provide our customers with the best value. This is a combination of, superior products, excellent customer service, professional installation and fair pricing. Our families have been involved with cement for generations. The last five years we have evolved into full service epoxy flooring contractors. WE DESIGN AND INSTALL EPOXY POLYMER FLOORING SYSTEMS! ONLY, NOTHING ELSE. It is our desire to do what we do and do it better than any of our competitors. We can provide custom designed cabinetry thru a trade alliance, just ask!

Superior, proven products!

Provide performance and versatility. Custom designed systems to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Locally manufactured by the Thermalchem Corporation, the engineering leader in polymer systems for 30 years! We are happy to explain the difference in epoxies, polyureas, and urethanes. We don’t “dumb down” the products to be more economical. We work closely with Thermalchem’s chemical engineers, providing constant in the field follow-up, insuring our products and systems actually perform in the field the way they were designed in the lab.

Professional installation!

Owners @ job sites, usually daily. We are happy to explain the how, when, and why! NO EXTRAS Why should you pay extra for something a “pro”overlooked or did incorrectly. Our employees are better trained and more closely supervised than our competitors. We are installation experts, we don’t pretend to be chemical engineers. We can confidently guarantee the performance of our products and services because we are in the field testing and pushing them to their limits every day.

Excellent customer service!

WE RETURN PHONE CALLS, USUALLY THE SAME DAY, ALWAYS BDFORE THE END OF THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY ! It amazes us how many times each week we are thanked for returning a call or being on time. We are happy to give you cell phone #’s. If it concerns you, it concerns us. Please call, anytime, and talk to an owner, who also is an application expert, who firsthand, understands dirty hands.

Fair prices!

Competitive pricing, shop around, educated consumers are the best customers.

Surface prep!

A complete package of mechanical and chemical methods! The competition would like you to believe it’s one way or the other. Let us explain, in English, why it is not.

We are residential experts!

We understand, and put considerable thought into getting into your home environment, and out of it, with as little disruption to your life as possible.

We keep it simple, see our warranty!

Every system carries a 5 or 10 year warranty. Don’t expect to find a list of exceptions or funny language which basically guarantees the installer is liable for nothing. Our stuff sticks, and you will not wear it out!


We offer a complete line of topcoats providing the UV, chemical, and stain resistance each unique project requires.