High Performance Concrete Coating  

Angies List Super Service 2016-2017-2018


I'm interested in this floor

A most unique product, DecoEssence is thin mil, meaning about 3 sheets of paper thick. Stunning in it's appearance. This system will take on it's own "life", every install will be unique.

If this uniqueness is appealing, TERRIFIC! Generally, if hardwood flooring is agreeable with you, you will like DecoEssence. Please consider, appearance will differ with not only with each install, but also within each installation depending on the variances in the substrate. The more variance (inconsistency) in the substrate, the more extreme the finished product. This can be considered character to some and less than desirable to others.

We can manage this application, not control it, this is art and science combined, but more art! Provides an exceptional "effect" when entering a room.There is some limit to it's ability to hide poor substrates.

We will show you pictures of the unique nature of this system. The high gloss finish is breathtaking, however, keeping some particulate matter out of the high gloss finish system, is close to impossible. We recommend the "satin textured"which is a more forgiving finish and limits or eliminates some of the things which have raised concerns with the high floss finish system. The "satin" or "textured" finishes, require a urethane topcoat and odor is bad the final application day. $5-$6 psf for single color systems with 1 clear coat, $6-$7 psf for 2 clear coat systems or high gloss systems.

System Strengths:

  • Unique, every application different
  • Attractive modern finish
  • Seamless
  • 15 standard colors
  • Easy to clean, can be mopped, usually a yarn mop is sufficient
  • No grout, a seamless wonder

System limitations:

  • Thin mill coating
  • Limited ability to hide imperfect substrates