High Performance Concrete Coating  

Angies List Super Service 2016-2017-2018


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A stunning, decorative flooring system which provides a decorative “textured terrazzo” like or granite looking finish.

A combination of 100% solids epoxy seeded with several colored acrylic paint chips (available in 15 colors, click here for color chart).

This is our most versatile and multi-functional flooring system. This system can be provided with any degree of slip resistance desired. It is usually applied to an “orange peel like” finish.

Available with a low odor UV resistant epoxy topcoat or polyurea topcoats to provide extra UV and chemical protection.

System Strengths:

  • Exceptional durability
  • Excellent ability to “hide” or cover inconsistent substrates
  • An attractive and decorative finish
  • 15 standard colors
  • Easy to clean, can be mopped, usually a yarn mop is sufficient and can be waxed with a mop and glow type product
  • No grout, a seamless wonder

System limitations:

  • Will make a floor flatter or more level with each “lift”, but this is still a coating which is applied to about 125 mil or 1/8 inch thickness, can’t hide everything, would be the only limitation of this fantastic finish